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BackSplash Tile Contractor

Are you ready to consider a tile backsplash in your home? If so, this is the time to call the backsplash tile contractor

Russell Tile

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Since opening in 2009, we are committed to our clients’ needs and satisfaction. Here at Russell Tile, we cover all tile projects such as: 

Tile or stone shower installs.

Tub surround or shower stalls.

Mosaic tile back splashes are all the rage right now in homes throughout America. 

We can apply a mortar bed when needed for flooring and walls.

We will install ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, wood plank tile, mosaic deco's  Mosaic tile, Mexican pavers.

You name it, we can and will set it. Get in touch to receive your free estimate today.


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Providing a new life to your kitchen

Are you frustrated with the water damage behind the sink? Is inadvertent splashing spoiling the beauty of your kitchen? If so, then this is the time to renovate your kitchen with backsplash tiles. A backsplash is a vertical extension of the kitchen and bathroom counter which protects the wall from splashing behind the sink. Backsplash tile installation can give your kitchen or bathroom a brand-new life and the amazing thing is it's within your budget.

In Sacramento temperature is typically high in the longer part of the summer of summer that’s why the usage of water usage is more in bathrooms and kitchens.

To avoid any trouble like splashing you must look forward to backsplash tile installation.

Backsplash tile installers provide you the completely safe and satisfactory work. Backsplash installation can be completed in only a few hours with no messy work and minimal tile cutting.

For more information about getting new tile in your shower, please contact us today.
Why backsplash tile is necessary?

Backsplash tiles are a spectacular canvas to make your dreams come alive with their different varieties. Materials ranging from colorful ceramic tiles to tiny glass mosaics and traditional subway tiles, backsplash tiles make your kitchen or bathroom impressive when you use the expertise of backsplash tile installers.

Because of the excessive use of water in the kitchen area, it is highly recommended that you have a backsplash along the kitchen countertop and the sink area. It can also protect the wall against grease splatter while cooking or food splatter during meal preparation in the kitchen.

Backsplash tiles are also recommended for bathrooms in Sacramento. It is essential because of the enormous use of water in the summer season. Moreover, when someone is looking for a home in Sacramento they will surely look at the bathroom and kitchen to see if it is updated.

So backsplash tile installation is a worthy investment to give a splendid value to your home. Contact us for backsplash tile installation and know the possibilities about how to give a new life to your kitchen and bathroom.

To get a tile shower remodel in your home, please contact me today.
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